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Angels Take Fligth

Angels Take Flight


VISION – Oftentimes, children who face devastation or are in foster care are transitioned from home to home or to other placements such as shelters without essential transitional items. The children are put into unfamiliar places, regularly with individuals they do not know to provide care for them, and lose a sense of who they are or their self worth. We help restore dignity, pride, and positive self esteem in the children of our community in a multitude of ways.

MISSION STATEMENT-Angels Take Flight provides children with essential items to help restore a sense of lost hope and confidence they often experience due to the trauma caused when major transitions occur. Instead of departing place to place with their belongings in a garbage bag, Angels Take Flight gives these children a piece of luggage which they can keep for their move. We strive to make any transition easier for the children of our community through a multitude of ways. Our goal is to give children their wings.



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