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Board of Directors

President and Founder

Tamara Blake, Ed.D.,LMHC, LMFT

Angels Take Flight

Angels Take Flight President and Founder



Tamara Blake is a Licensed Clinician and works as a Psychologist, and thoroughly enjoys the field of higher education. She has worked with children touched by loss, devastation, and trauma for over ten years. She has been touched significantly by seeing children in a variety of mental health settings including residential homes, foster homes, outpatient community treatment centers, and hospitals. Through all of the strife experienced, the strength of the children to rise above adversity has inspired her to create Angels Take Flight. Tamara’s goal has always been to empower children and to help provide them with an even greater sense of empowerment and restored sense of pride in themselves and their capabilities. She is committed to instilling hope in children. 





Angels Take Flight Treasurer

Sara is the Chief Financial Officer for Mautinoa Technologies.  Sara has more than twelve years of experience of audit and accounting expertise. She has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations and has traveled extensively overseas on behalf of many international humanitarian and relief groups.Sara joined Angels Take Flight in 2016 as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.  She is excited to be a part of an organization that helps children during difficult transitions.  






Frances Moore Maiscalco, Board Member

Frances Moore Maiscalco Board Member


Frances started off as a supporter of the Angels Take Flight foundation.  Being a former foster child, she felt a personal connection to it.  In 2017, she organized the first ever charity golf tournament for Angels Take Flight.  In addition to putting together charity events, she helped organize and run a research project for AARP in conjunction with Bay Path University, where she is currently attending to obtain a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Frances has held many positions in the administrative and mental health/substance abuse fields.  She has a passion for helping others and spreading positivity.  She resides in Connecticut with her husband and is currently expecting her first child.   

Prior Board Members

At times, board members are unable to continue board membership due to a number of reasons. However, we are truly thankful for their service! These board members often continue to spread the mission of Angels Take Flight, including volunteering at our events! 

Angels Take Flight

Prior Board Member Melinda Moreno

Melinda served on the Board of Directors from 2012-2017.

Melinda Moreno is a substance abuse therapist and local college professor in the field of psychology. Working with individuals struggling with drug addiction and mental health issues, Melinda has witnessed the impact these diseases have on families, and more specifically, children. As a member of the Springfield Trauma Informed Leadership Team, Melinda has worked with other professionals to coordinate and collaborate on services to better help families and children in need. Melinda was eager to work with an organization that could focus on helping children in ways that would help restore their sense of worth and value, and help rebuild their self-esteem. Deeply committed to the vision and mission of Angels Take Flight, Melinda began working with the organization in 2012 and is passionate about bringing hope and happiness to the children of the community. Melinda lives in Western Mass with her husband, Anthony, and their newest addition, daughter Giuliana.

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