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About Us

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Mission Statement

  VISION – Oftentimes, children who face devastation or are in foster care are transitioned from home to home or to other placements such as shelters without essential transitional items. The children are put into unfamiliar places, regularly with individuals they do not know to provide care for them, and lose a sense of who …

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Frances Moore Maiscalco, Board Member

Board of Directors

President and Founder Tamara Blake, Ed.D.,LMHC, LMFT     Tamara Blake is a Licensed Clinician and works as a Psychologist, and thoroughly enjoys the field of higher education. She has worked with children touched by loss, devastation, and trauma for over ten years. She has been touched significantly by seeing children in a variety of …

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We love 7-Eleven!

Our Community Angels

The children featured in our photographs were¬†shot by the incredible talent of Jennifer Garutti. Jennifer was able to capture beautifully what the mission of Angels Take Flight is in a glorious and visual way. She is a true visionary, and an angel in our own community.¬†             7-Eleven of Springfield, …

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